Survival Kit: Global Health and the G8


PREFACECivil Society and the G8 Process: Why We Advocate

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PART IGlobal Health Outcomes from the Toya-ko Summit

» Part I--TOP

  1. Greatest Potential: Accountability
  2. Lack of Progress in Other Areas of Global Health
  3. Using the Results of the Toya-ko Summit

PART IIG8 Pledges for Global Health

» Part II--TOP

  1. Introduction
  2. Pledges in Toya-ko Summit
  3. Pledges in the Past G8 Summits

PART IIIHIV/AIDS and Global Health - G8 Guidebook

» Part III--TOP

  1. The G8 Process
  2. The General Flow of the G8 Process
  3. Creation of Civil Society Networks in Host G8 Country for the G8 Process
  4. Global Health as an Agenda Item
  5. Media and Civil Society
  6. Towards the G8 Summit: Initial Phase (January - February 2008)
    1. Overview
    2. Sherpa Meeting
    3. The World Economic Forum
    4. G8 Health Experts Meetings
    5. Global Health Summit
  7. Towards the G8 Summit: Mid-Phase (March - April 2008)
    1. Overview
    2. TICAD Ministerial Meeting
    3. G8 Ministerial Meetings
    4. Africa Partnership Forum
  8. G8 Summit Process: Civil G8 Dialogue
  9. Towards the G8 Summit: Final Phase (May - June 2008)
    1. Overview
    2. Meeting between the Chair of the G8 and Int'l NGOs
    3. The Final Stretch
  10. G8 Summit: International Media Center
  11. G8 Summit: The Alternative Summit

EPILOGUECivil Society and the G8 Process: Creation of an Insitutuional Memory

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