PART III: HIV/AIDS and Global Health - G8 Guidebook

7.Towards the G8 Summit:
Mid-Phase (March - April 2008)

  1. Overview
  2. TICAD Ministerial Meeting
  3. G8 Ministerial Meetings
  4. Africa Partnership Forum


At this phase, the directions the G8 leaders/G8 Countries would take on the major agenda items decided at the initial phase becomes definite. Furthermore, urgent issues that must be discussed at the G8 Summit are in determination. The direction of the Summit is almost settled at this phase. Moreover, civil society is now on track on the direction they will take in their advocacy and activities as the - minimum level of concession the G8 Countries will provide- becomes more evident.

In relation to poverty and development, at this phase, the Development Ministers Meeting takes place and the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) published their annual ODA data. This release of the ODA data is an important opportunity for advocacy. Furthermore, the Africa Partnership Forum took place at this time and provided and opportunity for the G8 and Africa to hold a dialogue. But most importantly, the Civil G8 Dialogue takes place. This is a process that first took place at the 2006 St. Petersburg Summit in which International Civil Society and the G8 Sherpas have a dialogue on various issues.

At the 2008 G8 Summit, adding to the complexity of the work of Civil Society, the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development took place. In March of 2008, the Ministerial Meeting for TICAD IV took place in Gabon, and towards the latter half of May, TICAD IV took place in Yokohama, Japan.

2TICAD Ministerial Meeting

TICAD IV and the G8 Process

Experience of the 2008 G8 Process

3G8 Ministerial Meetings

Brief Overview

Experience of the 2008 G8 Process

Civil Society Meeting to prepare for G8 advocacy
Civil Society Meeting to prepare for G8 advocacy

4Africa Partnership Forum

Brief Overview

Experience of 2008 G8 Process

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