PART I: Global Health Outcomes from the Toya-ko Summit

1.Greatest Potential: Accountability

The outcomes for Global Health from the July 2008 Toya-ko G8 Summit was far from the modest progress some have expected. But one positive outcome of this Summit was the establishment of a follow up mechanism to monitor our progress on meeting our commitments (2008 G8 Communique: Development and Africa), which will show G8 implementation of past commitments to ensure accountability. Thus meaning, the following will take into effect:

  1. Global Health will be an agenda item of the G8, at least until 2010.
  2. Each G8 country will be responsible for creating a matrix on the fulfillment of past G8 commitments, as well as their (individual country's') financial contribution for global health. This will be subjected to review.
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The trend of the G8 has been to make new commitments every year, despite failing to work towards achieving past commitments. At the 2006 St. Petersburg G8 Summit, a report which reviews what each G8 country has done in tackling the three major infectious diseases was created.
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Germany, the chair of the 2007 G8 Summit presented a report on the financial contribution for the three infectious diseases reported by each G8 country. The follow up mechanism constructed at the 2008 Toya-ko Summit includes, in addition to the three infectious diseases, all global health issues such as health system strengthening. Furthermore, the G8 countries have ensured that this process will continue until 2010.

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