Project RING works to promote the cooperation between the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (The Global Fund) and Japanese NGOs and civil society by providing information concerning the Global Fund, encouraging cooperation with Japanese NGOs with the Global Fund as well as the global community. It also works with the Japanese government on matters concerning the Global Fund.

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G8 Resource BookSurvival Kit: Global Health and the G8
Experiences of Civil Society in the 2008 G8 Toya-ko Summit Process

In the 2008 G8 Toya-ko Summit, there was much progress on global health issues. This can be largly credited to the the policy recommendations, advocacy and campainging of civil society. This Surivial Kit is a guide to global health adovacacy in the context of the G8.

» PREFACE :Civil Society and the G8 Process: Why We Advocate
» PART I :Global Health Outcomes from the Toya-ko Summit
» PART II :G8 Pledges for Global Health
» PART III :HIV/AIDS and Global Health - G8 Guidebook
» EPILOGUE :Civil Society and the G8 Process: Creation of an Insitutuional Memory

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