Project RING works to promote the cooperation between the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (The Global Fund) and Japanese NGOs and civil society by providing information concerning the Global Fund, encouraging cooperation with Japanese NGOs with the Global Fund as well as the global community. It also works with the Japanese government on matters concerning the Global Fund.

00What is Project RING?

Known as the three major infectious diseases of our time, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria undermine and threaten the welfare of especially those living in the developing world. The response to the substantial increase of resources needed to fight this global threat came from the founding of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Project RING (Project to Reinforce Innovative Commitment of Japanese Non-Governmental Organizations to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria) was created in order to increase cooperation and commitment of Japanese civil society and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to the Global Fund. Since its formation in 2005, Project RING has also worked vigorously to increase the commitment of the Japanese Government to the Global Fund.

01Purpose: for the cooperation of the Japanese Civil Society for the Global Fund

Project RING works to achieve the following goals:

  1. To increase the Japanese contribution to fight the three major infectious diseases through the Global Fund. By providing a solid and unified voice for members of civil society/NGOs to encourage the Japanese government to scale up their financial contribution.
  2. To maintain our involvement in the governance of the Global Fund to ensure that the resources needed to combat the three major infectious diseases are met. By participating in the Global Fund Board meeting as one of "the representative of NGOs of developed countries," we make certain that the voices of the Japanese society are reached in the Global Fund. In order to ensure that the Japanese government, which has a large influence in the direction of the Global Fund, can be constructively involved in its activities, we maintain a regular contact with the Japanese government.
  3. To enhance the relationship between Japanese NGOs and the Global Fund to allow Japanese NGOs in developing countries tackling the three infectious diseases to function with resources allocated from the Global Fund. To make this possible, we provide up to date information through emails and seminars to expand the knowledge on the activities and functions of the Global Fund and instructions that will allow Japanese NGOs to receive resources from the Global Fund.
  4. To coordinate Japanese bilateral aid with those given to the Global Fund to assure optimal use of resources. We will work for cooperation between the two funding agencies so that the measures against the three major infectious diseases are not fragment or conflict each other.
  5. To encourage fellow donor countries of our region to increase their financial contribution to the Global Fund. We will work actively in cooperation with NGOs and civil society of those countries to ensure the more financial resources will be available for use by the Global Fund.

02To further our understanding of the Global Fund.

Project RING has been doing the following practices to achieve the missions written above.

  1. Research and examination of the activities of the Global Fund, and delivery and promotion of those materials through varies communication outlets.
  2. By holding seminars and symposiums on the function and tasks of the Global Fund.
  3. By holding strategy meetings with members of civil society and NGOs in order to come to an consensus on policies of the Global Fund.
  4. By sending delegates to locations where participation of members of civil society are needed.
  5. By conversing with representatives of the Japanese government on a regular and constant basis to call upon increase of financial resources to the Global Fund.
  6. By carrying out campaigns and various publicity events that call upon scaling up financial contributions to the Global Fund.
  7. By cooperating with members of civil society in high income countries and upper middle income countries in Asia and the Pacific regions through exchange of ideas and information.

03The creation and development of Project RING

04Structure and Organization

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