The Activities of Project RING

The activities carried out by Project Ring in support of the Global Fund centers around the understanding of the following three features:

01Activities of Project RING

The Global Fund has approved and distributed grants with the knowledge that they will continue to receive funding necessary to sustain present and future projects. This means that the Global Fund requires a multi-year, long term commitments instead of yearly projections. This predictable flow of funding enables the Global Fund to sustain successful projects for the long run.

Supplemental aid does not mean aid that has been allocated through other bilateral and multilateral negotiations and treaties, but as a dramatic increase in resources in addition to the promised amount.

In the 2000 G8 summit held in Okinawa, the Japanese Government brought the issue of the global pandemic to the table and has help built the foundations of the Global Fund. Thus the Japanese Government must work with other donor countries in contributing funds so that the Global Fund continues to achieve its purposes in which Japan help built.

02Policy Work

The Global Fund Board that includes various stakeholders from both developed and developing countries is responsible for the overall direction and governance of the Global Fund and approval of grants. The Japanese government, as a donor country, is one of the only countries other than the United States and Italy to have a seat on the board representing a single country. Thus the Japanese government boasts a large influence in the management and direction of the Global Fund.

Due to the large role possessed by Japanese government in the Global Fund, we, the Japanese civil society also has a large influence on the direction in which the Global Fund functions against the three major infectious diseases.

Especially in discussions concerning policy and grant approval, which deeply concerns donor countries, maintaining a constant flow of resources to the Global Fund becomes necessary.

03Coordination of Global Fund and Japanese bilateral Aid

For the Global Fund to play the role it was intended to play, it involves a large number of partners (International Organizations,, Global NGOs, local NGOs, governments from both developing and developed countries, and affected communities) working in cooperation. Only when each of the members of this cooperative endeavor plays their part, can the grant given by the Global Fund lead to a success.

As a member of the global community, Japan must take on the fight against this pandemic. Our aid must go beyond contribution of finance from the government to the Fund, but to coordinate Japan's bilateral aid with the Global Fund so that the resources can be used in the most effective and efficient manner.

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